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What you should know

Many people who open a flower shop have artistic tendencies and feel that flower arranging would be an excellent means of expressing them, and the same sentiment is stressed by both designs schools and industry media.

As a result, they tend to focus on one-of-a-kind floral arrangements, which well-to-do customers can really afford and fully appreciate but have little appeal for middle-class buyers.

Here are some points to consider in setting up your business:

– If you focus on floral arrangements, you have probably given little thought to selling any arranged flowers. Note however, that most customers are attracted by the beauty of the flowers themselves, and they are even prepared to purchase such items as gifts.

– Note that certain holidays, including Christmas and Easter, call for a tremendous investment of time and an extensive inventory as well, Be sure that your clients are aware of the order and delivery requirements you have established for these busy periods, and let them know if you are unable to make any “rush” deliveries. In most cases, the latter will be made with a company vehicle, rather than outsourcing them.

– Remember to target those middle-income consumers who tend to favour flower vendors because their prices are more affordable. In many cases, they are not shopping for customized floral arrangement, any more than they expect to buy a custom-made car or a custom-designed suit.

– If you want to lower your prices and still make a profit, begin by reducing your arrangement costs and buying the flowers you consider to be affordable, For example, at a certain point, carnations might be high-mark-up flowers that you can price at several times their cost, while “stargazer” lilies may be far less profitable.

– While you want to include some new, exotic flowers in your arrangements, the ratio of these low-mark-up items to more profitable basic types must be kept under control as you aim for both profitability and the “look” you want to achieve.

Getting the wholesale flowers you need

To find these items at reasonable prices, try to be creative in your purchasing. Today, the oversupply of flowers is actually world wide, However, many retail florists are unaware of this because they rely on their supplier’s refrigerators and are accustomed to purchasing what they can sell in a single day. Understandably, wholesalers will not give them the best prices in this situation.

Remember also that there are no established prices in the wholesale flower market. What you end up paying is determined by the salesperson you deal with, whose ultimate goal is to make profit.

In addition, prices are usually lowered when the quantities ordered increase. However, this doesn’t mean that you can never get a lower price. Remember to ask the price and purchase a significant amount of one type of flower, even as much as a full box.

In order to sell this item within a reasonable amount of time, make it the “buy of the week” in your store to ensure that none of them will be wasted.

Above all, decide what you are going to sell on a day-to-day basis, Remember that you can go the full-service route or concentrate on specific events, and servicing banquets, weddings and funerals is quite different from handling home deliveries for special occasions and holidays.

In addition, your inventory will be based on your area of specialization. Generally speaking, you will need ribbon, vases, floral foam, baskets stands, wreathes and frames.

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Thinking of going into the flower business? Then, as with every successful business one must be equipped properly so as to produce the best results – and that would include a complete range of floral supplies.

In this very competitive world where demands have to be constantly met, it’s very helpful if you have a good set of florist supplies on hand. Clients like being presented with lots of choices no matter what budget they have. They like having someone knowledgeable to consult with regarding color, quantity and style.

But no matter how skillful you are, if you’re working with limited tools and too few materials then your output would also be limited. It would help a lot if you can find cheap durable yet stylish materials to help you create you masterpieces.

That’s where the internet comes in. There are a lot of online businesses offering various promotions for their products. They have online brochures you can choose from complete with prices, specifications and availability. For simple events like a dinner party it’s sometimes enough working with the basic tools. But what happens when you’re offered a full-scale gala event?

Then a simple set of scissors and floral tapes won’t be enough. You would need a host of florist supplies to fill up the ballroom with intricate arrangements of floral blooms. You’d need to have access to flowers-lots and lots of flowers. And these have to be delivered at the right time. Too early and the flowers will wilt even before event, too late and the event would already be starting and you’d still be stuck with unarranged flowers.

And let’s not forget, floral arrangement is not just limited to placing flowers on a vase and plopping it in the middle of the table. You’d need to fill up aisles, tables, staircases, posts and maybe even ceilings and walls. You would need numerous things just to complete the look you’re aiming for. You’d need containers of different sizes, ribbons, vases, wires and beads and what have you.

So if I were you, I would start scouting around for the company which can provide you with all the floral supplies you would need. One should look for the best prices, quality materials and prompt service. It wouldn’t do at all to have the flowers you ordered arrive at your doorstep all dried up and bedraggled.

And lastly, it would help if the company you choose would have some kind of loyalty program which later could give you more discount for bulk orders, recommend the best equipment and find for you some very hard to find floral supplies.

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Sending flowers as a gift or along with best wishes for your loved ones is a very popular trend all over the world. To make it a pleasant experience for both the sender as well as recipient, it is very important to verify a few things. Therefore, whenever you plan to send flowers to your loved ones living in distant part of world, confirm the answers of following questions from your florist:

Can you advise me on which flowers would be best for sending on particular occasions?

This is very important to know the suggestions of florist. They are having long-term experience of flowers delivery, and they are well versed with the knowledge about the perfect flowers to send on a particular occasion. They also suggest which flower arrangement will be the best choice.

When will the flowers be delivered, how will they be transported, and how will they be packaged when they arrive?

Flowers should be delivered at the last possible moment, because the timing is very important. You are sending them on a particular occasion and if there is any delay, then no benefit of sending them. Therefore, you need to ensure timely delivery of flowers and other floral arrangements. The packaging of flowers and their arrangements should be according to the type of flowers, climate, and surrounding environment, as it is very important to ensure the freshness of flowers.

Will you charge any extra amount as taxes, overtime charges, gratuities, or fees that are not described?

Usually all the charges given on a florist’s website includes all the taxes and other charges. Even, its better to ask whether they charge anything extra apart from the said amount.

Do you have any special offers on Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or New Year?

Valentine’s Day, Christmas and New Year are the occasions when the volume of orders is maximum for all florists. They provide various kinds of offers like some rebate on delivery charges to a specific area, or discounts on customized flowers arrangements until a defined time (generally on advance booking of orders). Do not forget to check out for such offers.

What are the rules and regulations regarding cancellation/refund?

In some cases, like late delivery of services and any defaults in timely delivery like damaged flowers arrangements, and bouquets, florists provide order cancellation facilities. Confirm any such services being provided by florists.

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Almost every person is passionate about the infinite beauty of flowers. Even, one cannot ignore the momentous role of florists who actually underscore the exotic arrangement of flowers for every occasion. It is the brilliance of these people and their innovative experiments which make the occasion an impressive affair.

Considering this, here you will know about how the combination of flowers and their color shades blended with your knowledge and skills can make you a successful florist.

Tips to become a successful florist

• Take a diploma: There are many institutes that offer Certified Floral Designer programs. These institutes help in providing knowledge about the various types of flowers available in the market in different seasons. Although it is not mandatory to pursue a diploma, but it will definitely add a certain level of perfection and quality to your work.

• Know the latest trend: From time to time, the concept of flower arrangement changes and with this, it becomes crucial to know the market trend. Especially in the case of a wedding to find appreciations for your work, you can consult wedding supplements and magazines or even go through the rich and the informative wedding blogs. Some websites even provide lists of bridal stores and wedding planners who can tell you various ways of getting information about the market trends.

• Lesser inventory cost: It is must for the florists that they have minimum investment in the inventory. The reason behind the same is quite clear, and that is the perishable quality of its inventory products. Also the arrangement of the flowers can be quick, so it really doesn’t make sense to keep more and more flowers in stock.

• Be a part of a community: Being involved in the community requires participating in the community events that will let you see the arrangement live and also let you be in the spotlight. Also in order to make your presence noteworthy, you should be in the top five lists of the florists. This is possible only when you or your business name is in the list of preeminent service providers.

• Portfolio preparation: The exhibition of your florist workshops is must. It will engage more and more visitors and allow more and more people to know about your florist shop. For this a good photo session can be helpful. A professional photographer will take a photo session from various angles and draw attention to your florist talent in a better way.

These simple steps can add a way to your career journey as a successful florist. So follow these steps and work towards making a successful career as a florist.