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Flowers are the best way to send a message to a loved one during special occasions. Every year millions of dollars are spent on flowers on different occasions. Whether you want to send a love message to your girl friend or boy friend during valentines or you want to shower the woman that brought you into this world with love during mothers day, or you want to send a gift to your newly wed friend all this instances will need flowers. Flowers play a significant role in our relationships with our loved ones. To pass a good message across it is paramount that you put a lot of preparation in to the process. That is the same case with flowers.To get the ultimate reaction which is in most cases put a smile on the person you are sending them to you need to make sure you choose the right flowers.

To do this you need the services of a professional in the flower industry. If you want to get good quality service for a project in any industry you always go for professionals in that industry. In the flower industry the person to go for when you need flowers is a florist.

Why you need a florist

Florist are well are trained on how to handle them, their different meanings as well as more than half a dozen other things to do with flowers. If you want to make that special day for a loved one let a florist help you in adding a special touch to them. They are trained on how to ensure the flowers selected bring out the intended emotions in the best way possible.

Online versus traditional florists

Due to the advent in technology more and more people are choosing to get their flowers from online florists. As mentioned earlier one of the key things that florists do is give them that special touch arranging them in an ornamental style. Online florists are a bit cheaper compared to traditional florists. In most cases you don’t have the time walk around several flower shops looking for that ideal flower for that special person and thanks to the online flower delivery services that is a thing of the past. With online florists you have the pleasure of choosing the flowers you want from the comfort of your home or office and having them delivered faster and more easily.

Despite the advantages online florists offer there are a few disadvantages that come with them. Some of the online florist lack basic know ledge of handling flowers as well as their arrangements and only use other florist to deliver the desired services.Adding a third party to the process is most likely to have a negative effect on the service with many mistakes as well as misunderstandings arising.

The advantage of choosing a traditional florist in particular if you have time to move around is that you get that personalized service that you lack in the online service. However with the world going hi tech I think traditional florists are going to be axed. To get a good online e florist you will need to do a little bit of research to get superb services.

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How do you envision your dream wedding? Are you floating down the aisle carrying a bouquet of the most breathtaking flowers ever seen? Do you imagine scores of flowers covering the altar and decorating the reception tables? If so, you will need the help of a great florist to help your dream become a reality. Not all florists are equal, however, and these are ten things that every bride should know about wedding florists.

  • Each florist has a unique style; look for one with a similar taste to your own. In other words, if every picture in a florist’s album shows very traditional rose and baby’s breath centerpieces, don’t assume that she will be able to recreate the spectacular custom wedding centerpieces made from cherry blossoms, orchids, and dangling crystal jewelry drops that you just saw on “Platinum Brides”. You are better off finding a florist who regularly designs the style of arrangements that you want.
  • Many florists can do a lot more than just provide flowers. Some also offer wedding planning services, or rentals for everything from tablelinens to custom lighting. This can be a real lifesaver for a time-pressed bride.
  • Trust their guidance. You hire a professional for a reason, and if she tells you that your favorite flower is out-of-season at the time of your wedding, accept her suggestions for substitutions. Even if budget is not a concern, you do not want to take the chance that an out-of-season flower you insisted on special ordering arrives the day before your wedding looking bedraggled and awful.
  • Prices fluctuate with demand. The classic example of this is that red roses cost an arm and a leg for weddings held right around Valentine’s Day. Either move your date or select a different variety of flowers if you do not want to pay a premium.
  • Florists can provide food-safe flowers for your wedding cake. There are two options here. You can request that your florist give your baker edible blossoms (so adorable on cupcakes) or that they find pesticide-free non-edible decorative flowers to decorate your wedding cake. This is a much less costly alternative to having a baker handcraft sugar flowers.
  • Your florist can move your ceremony flowers to your reception site after the service. This is a great way to avoid paying for more arrangements than you need, and most florists are happy to provide this service for a nominal fee.
  • You don’t always get what you pay for. Yes, there is a reason why the best-known florists charge more than some of the other ones. For instance, the floral designer who is renowned for creating one-of-a-kind fantasy centerpieces that not only match your reception décor, but also your gown, crystal bridal jewelry, the season, and your favorite colors will rightfully command a premium over the basic florist down the street. However, if you are interested in a very simple type of centerpiece, like a single flower bouquet, you may not need the services of such an accomplished florist, but they will still be more expensive. It pays to interview at least two or three florists.
  • Not all floral designers are in florists’ shops. Brides on a budget might consider contracting for the services of a florist at their local grocery store. They can often order virtually any type of flower that you want, the same as a regular florist. What you may not get is the same level of design service and delivery options.
  • If you ask your guests to take home the centerpieces, it may cost you extra. Speak to your florist about this beforehand. Some assume that the centerpieces will be going home with the guests and factor the cost of the vases into their estimates, whereas others will charge an additional fee for each vessel not returned after the wedding.
  • Finally, remember to ask your florist for suggestions on how to preserve your bouquet after the wedding. They will likely have all sorts of ideas, ranging from simply hanging them to dry to much more elaborate preservation services. After you have put so much thought into getting your wedding flowers to be perfect, you will surely want to keep some as a souvenir!
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Local florists continue to be a popular way to purchase flowers and bouquets for special occasions. But the Internet has also opened up a new door of opportunity to search and select the desired floral arrangement or bouquet online and then order and have it delivered any where in the world.

Let’s look at some tips to find the best florist to meet your needs.

1. Recommendations

Word of mouth has always been a popular way that people find out a good florist in their local area. Often when friends or family members either send or receive flowers or gift baskets from a florist they will tell others what they thought of the florist’s service. So this is something to keep in mind when first considering selecting the best flower shop for you.

Have you had anyone you know who sent or received any bunches of flowers lately? How about anyone who has been married recently? Brides always place a great deal of importance on their bouquets for their special wedding day. The bouquets for the brides’ maids or the boutonnieres or corsages for the groom and groomsmen are also extremely important. So if you know of anyone who recently had their marriage ceremony then they are sure to be a great source of information on the florist that they used.

We recently had some close friends who got married in Queensland, Australia and they used the services of a local Gold Coast florist for all of the flowers for the whole bridal party. They also purchased matching flowers to decorate the church and corsages for the parents of the bride and groom.

2. Speed of Service

When you first contact a florist to ask about making an order then the speed with which they reply to you is a good sign of the kind of service that you will receive. It is important to choose a service the responds in a timely manner. If this is lacking then other aspects of their services may also not be up to par.

3. Professionalism of Service

It is always important also to keep in mind that you want to work with a florist that is professional in all of the services that they offer.

How prompt are they in responding to your inquiries?

Are they willing to spend time talking with you to discuss your own particular needs and desires in regards to your flower purchase?

Are they happy to show you examples of their previous work? This is especially important online, but also in a physical local store.

Do they have Testimonies of previous happy customers and clients that they are happy to share with you?

Each of these 3 factors above is important starting points to keep in mind when searching for a florist both locally or on the Net.

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More or less all florists, whether brick and mortar, or online, are a part of a wire service. A wire service allows a local florist to send and receive orders from across the country and worldwide. The florists receive a commission from the sale. A customer expresses to the florist they would like to “wire flowers”, meaning they need to get flowers to another town, state, or country. Then, the flower shop would then send the order to another member florist and both florists would receive a commission percentage for the order. This has allowed for the growth of the florist industry, expanding the floral business from local only to worldwide.

The florists’ wire services have had to evolve to keep up with the fast-tracked and accelerated use and competition of the internet. To survive, they have had to adapt; a modern-day version of Darwin’s’, “Survival of the Fittest”. Wire services have had to provide florists with more services and programs than ever before. Instead of viewing wire services as a business competing with online floral programs to deliver flowers, they have integrated the online presence with services they currently offer to their member florists. In fact, one of the major benefits of belonging to the larger wire services is that they provide their member florists with an online presence and have made it extremely easy even for the computer illiterate florist. Some of the added bonuses now offered by traditional wire services include the following:

· Florists have an internet presence that gives them 24 hour a day exposure.

· They may offer a service that allows florist to re-sell to previous customers on birthdays or to notify them of featured sales, allowing the florist to stay in touch with the customer.

· Wire services may offer a 24 hour answering service, thereby taking orders for a shop all day and night.

· The online presence they offer gives the florist another source for flower orders from all over the globe.

When receiving and filling incoming wire orders, use it as an opportunity to market your store and to sell yourself. Trust me, the quality of the flowers ordered from New York and sent all the way to a shop in California gets back to the buyer. You want to fill the order to value, plus give a little extra. If you have a sixty dollar order, put sixty-five dollars into it. Being as much of a florists’ inventory is perishable, the incoming wire orders also give us a chance to use up the perishable inventory. The added extra will pay off in word of mouth advertising, which is invaluable. Never think the person who ordered the flowers “will never know”!!

A couple of more reasons to belong to a wire service or two are some of them offer floral design certifications and floral competitions, which will enhance your credibility as a solid member of the floral industry. In addition to that, to be affiliated with a national or worldwide chain adds trustworthiness to your store as well. FTD and Teleflora are household names, thus having your flower shop associated with them can be immensely rewarding.

Wire services are just one method a florist can make money. It would be a good practice not to rely heavily upon them for income. It is just a service florist provide to their customers who want to send flowers long-distance. When receiving orders, the receiving florist has to cover the cost of the flower, labor and delivery, upfront. They also forgo about twenty to thirty percent of the amount of the wire order to the wire service and the florist on the other end. Any wire services used, should not make up more than ten to twenty percent of the total income of the business. Remember, wiring flowers is a service to your customer; a convenience for your customer. But for the added bonuses listed above, it is wise to have at least one or two wire services to boost the profitability of your flower business.

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Becoming a florist is I must say very easy. If you have love and passion for flowers, becoming a florist is extremely easy for you. There is no need to acquire any special skills or qualification to become a florist. Your desire, creativity, customer services skills and ability to work as a florist are enough to start your career as a florist. There are so many occasions where florist’s services come into use such as wishing loved ones, on their anniversaries, birthdays or when you are trying to make someone feel very special and so on. Being a florist, you first priority should be the accomplishment of customer’s goals. Normally, this job is associated with women and that is why most men tend to ignore this career.

Following are given few suggestions that you should consider to become a successful florist:


The first thing you need to have as a florist is the desire for and interest in flowers. This is important because without desire and interest you may not do well in this career.


The second thing which is required from you is your creativity. You creativity would be visible in the arrangement of flowers into different colorful patterns. Every florist arranges flowers to make bouquet but the question here is how your bouquet is different from other florists. Customers always look for quality and exclusive designs because everyone wants to be special.


Although, formal education or training is not necessary for this career, having enough knowledge about various species of flowers would be a great advantage. By having good knowledge about different types of flowers, you will be able to understand the needs of customers properly.


Gaining some beforehand experience before starting your career as a florist will be a huge bonus for you. Spending some time with florists who are already in this business and getting some useful information from them will help you a lot during your florist career. If possible you can work as a volunteer with any experienced florist to learn the art and skills of this career. All flowers are not used for all occasions and it is extremely nasty to give the wrong flowers in an important occasion. These all things you will learn during volunteer work.

Customer Service

Being a florist, you customer services are of major importance because your client base depends on your good services. The better the services more will be the client base. You good customer support and services will entice others. A happy customer is a big asset to your florist business.


Your reliability is next to your good customer services. You need to be reliable for your customers and for this you have to meet the deadlines and deliver the quality service to your clients.

By keeping all the above mention points in mind, you can become a successful florist. Always keep these points in mind in order to provide good services to your clients.

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Considering from the point of view of a florist, flower delivery service is certainly a lucrative business. And conducting it through Internet is even more gainful. It is undoubtedly a fast blooming business these days. Already a vast number of people are using the Internet for the purpose of shopping and taking various services. And the number of tech-savvy people is rising in each passing day, thereby extending the domain of online marketing even further.

When considered from the side of the consumers, these flower delivery services are of immense help to those people who have no time to reach out to their loved ones and gift the flowers personally. Thanks to the florists, they have someone to deliver the flowers on their behalf. They will not repent for the fact that they could not wish somebody a ‘happy birthday’ or a ‘happy anniversary’ even with some flowers.

By offering such service, the flower delivery service providers are getting the chance of making money out of it. The consumers are able to be a part of a ceremony by sending flowers, though remaining practically absent. While doing this, he will not require to compromise with an urgent piece of work. If he takes the service from an online florist then it is well and good. He can make the order from anywhere only if he has access to the Internet.

So many of the florists have websites through which they offer service. They take orders online and deliver the flowers on the ordered place. It is not possible to draw an exact distinction line as to who has the upper hand in the world of online flower delivery. If the consumers are getting the chance of making somebody happy by sending flowers, the florist also making a living out of it. Thus, it is a win-win situation for both the florists and the consumers.

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These days it’s getting less and less common to order your flowers from the local florist. Most people now turn to the internet when they need to ship a bouquet or arrangement of flowers. Online florists are enjoying huge success. But the ironic part is that many online florists services end up being referred back to the local florist in the recipient’s neighborhood.

Let’s say you want to search online florists to send an arrangement to your Aunt Liz. She lives in Detroit and you’re in Miami. Well, you’re not going to ask a Miami florist to send a bouquet all the way to Michigan. So, when you order from an online service, the network of local florists will be scanned and it will be determined which florist will fulfill your order. As soon as you hit send, the online system checks and assigns you a florist in Detroit who services your aunt’s neighborhood. That’s how the flowers can be guaranteed to get there the same day or the next day. If they had to be trucked or flown there, the guarantee could never stand.

So, now that you know how your flowers get delivered locally, what should you look for in an online florist? First, you should check their guarantee. Can they get your arrangement to a funeral parlor the day you need it to arrive? Do they promise your money back if the recipient isn’t satisfied. Can you see photos of the exact bouquet you’ll be ordering or does it say something like “styles may vary”? You want to know exactly what you’re paying for, so ask for specifics.

You want to go with an internet florist that does volumes of business. When they have a bigger clientele they can get better deals on the flowers and pass the savings on to you. You’ll be shocked at how expensive a small bouquet of flowers can be these days. So be sure that you’re paying for freshly arranged flowers for the money you are going to spend.

One alternative you might want to consider is calling the 800 number the florist’s site lists. Speak with a live representative to place your order rather than clicking through online. A person can walk you through the different options and often give you a better deal if you ask for it. And it never hurts to ask. You can also ask about specific flowers you might not see listed online.

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It has been a very old tradition to express feelings via flowers. People love to give various flowers on different occasions suiting to the relation as well as the age of recipient. Flowers are a simple of beauty that illustrates some of the best creations of nature. Generally flowers are associated with smell, and it is used in making perfumes too. However there are several other uses of flowers, they are used as gifts, or supporting element with gifts; flowers are symbol of beauty, so used in decoration purposes, and the most important and popular use of flowers are in expressing emotions. Flowers of Different Colors represent different emotions. Many flowers have important meanings attached to them, like:

1. Roses represent beauty and passion. Red rose represents intense love, pink rose represents new love whereas yellow rose is symbol of friendship.
2. Poppies are a symbol of consolation in time of death. Red Poppies are worn in some countries to commemorate death of soldiers.
3. Daisies are a symbol of innocence
4. White lotus is symbol of peace

Depending upon the purpose flowers are being used by people in all over the world. The demand of flowers is increasing day by day but the supply is limited. Due to the problem of space everybody cannot have an outdoor or terrace garden to plant flowers. So, they look for florists to cater their needs. Florists are being increasingly popular these days, and they are doing good business. One can easily find a florist in their neighborhood.

These days even several online flower shops are available dealing in delivery of all kinds of flower, not only in your vicinity but also globally. You will find that even your neighborhood florist has gone online and selling flowers online to customers. There are numerous benefits of using services of a florist. They can provide you several options to choose from not just few types of flowers. You can chose from one of the several available flowers in stock, and florist will make it customized according to the occasion. Sometime the packaging and arrangements of flowers make it more attractive and appealing. Simply services of a florist can completely change the way of presentation of your gift.

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downloadFlorists, like other companies are taking their business to the internet and with good cause, millions of people access the net on a daily basis opening the door for new clientele. This is made possible by utilizing ‘flowers by wire’ meaning that the online florist takes the order and it is arranged by a contracted locale florist and delivered to the recipient. This is a great benefit for those seeking to send flowers to a family member or friend who does not reside in the same locale area. However, one must know a few things before ordering flowers from an online florist.

Ensure the quality is the same that is promised:

In order to ensure that the quality of the flower arrangement or flowers hold up to what the online florist promises is not always an easy task. In researching whom the online florist does business with in you’re the recipients locale area or the locale area in which the recipient resides is the best way to ensure you will be purchasing what you are promised. This can be done in a couple different ways. A reputable online florist will provide contact information for you to ask them directly where the flowers will be sent out from or many times, they will have listed subsidiaries that they contract business with on their site.

Experience of florist:

Not that some florist with less years of experience don’t have the gift or flower arrangement, when it comes to wanting to make an impact or deliver a message by flowers you want to know that what you are trying convey is done with the quality you expect. The online florist you choose should have a decent amount of years under their belt in floral arrangements. Read testimonies and look for awards given for excellence in service and product. Check to see what if any credentials thy have received in the florist industry.

Functioning of online florist website:

Check to see if the online florist offers a secure site to make transactions with as well as their guarantee policy. Are prices easy to locate? Is shipping and handling charges reasonable? What are their delivery procedures and are they easily assessable to read? Is there a way to contact the company regarding billing questions or problems other then email? What payment options do they use and is there any fine print regarding dispute? These are just some questions that should be easily answered by looking at the online florist service site.

Finally yet importantly, remember that biggest is not always best. You want a florist you can count on with the years of experience and the loyalty to the consumer that will do everything in their power to make sure the message you are trying to convey in your flowers is carried through on a timely and professional manner. Serving the Toronto and surrounding areas www.freshflowerscanada.ca can give you the quality you seek with the confidence in knowing your flowers will be delivered the same day expressing your message beautifully through fresh flowers or with other wonderful gift options.

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Most people have sent flowers to someone for one reason or another. With the technology today, one no longer has to drive to the flower shop, choose from the selection available at the store, fill out a card, pay high prices and have them delivered. Now, you can switch on your computer, browse through hundreds of online florist services to find just what you are looking for.

There are several advantages to ordering flowers through sites on the Internet. For one, it will most likely be less expensive. The online florist will usually offer what is available through local florists and therefore will find the least expensive deals to offer them to you. Since the online flower shop doesn’t have the overhead of a brick and mortar shop, the flowers can be offered for far less than you would pay in a regular shop. Many times, an online florist can offer specials to you as well.

Another advantage to using an online florist is the convenience factor. You can order your flowers at any time, day or night. The online flower shops are available to take your order twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Many people have jobs and very busy lives and trying to get by a standard flower shop during business hours is almost impossible.

When shopping at an online florist’s site, you also get to browse a larger variety of arrangements and many times other products that can accompany the flowers. Florist sites online offer candy, nuts, balloons, coffee mugs, t-shirts, stuffed animals and other thoughtful products to arrive with the flowers. This is rare in brick and mortar stores. Since you have a larger selection, you are more apt to find the perfect arrangement for your occasion.

Many traditional shops and stores have taken a backseat to online businesses. The flower shops are no exception. It is convenient, easy, and the selections are larger with lower prices when you shop online. Who would honestly consider going to a flower shop down the street anymore when the pros for using an online florist heavily outweigh the cons? The neighborhood flower shops will not be going anywhere however, they are getting plenty of business in the area, it is just coming through orders on the computer now. In essence, you are still supporting your local businesses, but you are saving money and time. What could be better?