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flower-delivery-applecross-300x200When an online florist delivers flowers at the doorstep of your loved ones, friends, family or even business partners, they serve as messengers of your sentiments. Since times immemorial, flowers have been gifted as token of love, joy, appreciation, care, solace or sympathy. Added to this, the insurgence of internet in our daily life, technological developments and added security has helped the timid but interested onlooker to cross over the barrier to be a dedicated customer. Thus, here we are, witnessing an exponential growth in the online floral business.

If you have passion, innovation, creativity and keen business acumen, you are all set to become a blooming online florist. It is always helpful for florist embarking upon a flower business, to keep few things in mind:

A target market: You must pinpoint your target customers.

A niche market: You may deal in flowers for all kind of occasions but create a dominant spot in the flower business market by specializing in a niche market and provide the best services, prices and offers to stand out.

Marketing: The creative side of your business must be well in resonance with the marketing side of your online florist. If you want to emerge as the market leader in the world of online florists then you must create a significant online presence and a website strategically advertised to attract web traffic and convert this web traffic to sales. Use social media such as Facebook and Twitter for being noticed widely. Advertise your flower business on sites that specialize in interesting content about flowers and flower arrangements. Your website should have an extremely creative, clean and easy to navigate layout. Use newer and more advanced technology. Post high quality photographs of flowers and floral arrangements. Promote your website by providing useful and informative content by way of articles, a blog, or an eBook about flowers, flower arranging etc. which provides information to the customers and solves their queries. Make it possible to receive orders 24/7 hours a day with checkout facilities during day or night.

Delivery: For a reliable online florist the delivery should be fast, efficient and always on time with freshness of flowers guaranteed.
International flower delivery is a service sought after these days. You can be a member of FTD (flower transworld delivery) or other such associations in case you need to send flowers to national or international destinations.

A florist is an important person in people’s life providing connections between them and their loved ones. It is fitting that online florist business is in a position to allure customers across various demographics and if you are someone who likes to spread love creatively, then you are in the right place; be an online florist.

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With all the different types, colors, textures, shapes and sizes of flowers, choosing the right kind of flowers can seem like an overwhelming task. Fortunately there are some simple tips to help you find just the right florist for your needs.

For many people, choosing a florist is based on convenience. They may find themselves gravitating towards a particular florist simply because it is close to their homes or because their supermarket has a flower department. However, if you truly want the best, you have to be a little bit savvier when selecting your florist. Try looking one for one who is affiliated with a professional group. Professional florists who always try to be the best at their craft and business will belong to at least one of several groups such as wire services like FTD, Teleflora, etc. They will also be more likely to belong in other organizations such as a growers association, civic groups and the local chamber of commerce. Affiliation with these groups, especially wire services, not only say they are committed to their craft but this will allow customers to send flowers just about anywhere.

Look for a florist with quality products and good selection. The flowers should be fresh, the colors of the flowers should be rich and the plants should look healthy. Don’t go for florists whose flowers are already starting to show brown edges or wilting plants. Look for product selection variety as well. Florists that have cut flower arrangements, exotic flowers and tropical plants are usually considered to be of better quality than those who do not stock as many flowers. Florists with a larger stock of flowers usually rotate freshness better as well. A good florist is also somebody highly creative. Their artistic expression should show through the shop. If the florist has nothing else but the usual, ordinary bud vases, the customer should start looking for other florists with a more artistic flair. Creativity should be part of every good florists credentials. We believe this happens through accreditation with Floral Associations such as the American Institute of Floral Design (AIFD), a prestigious organization that tests and certifies florists with exceptional talent for design.

Aside from creativity, a good florist also knows how to establish rapport with the customer. They must be very good at customer relations because this is an important component of the floristry business. They must able to answer customer questions well and be able to provide customer with the same proper care and attention that he does to his flowers. A good florist should also remember the types of bouquets or arrangements you prefer, he must be able to keep track of your occasions and send you reminders about them. This happens with the use of modern floral technology. A good florist will also ask questions so they will know exactly what your needs are.

Another vital part of the business is the service. The florist must have his stall or establishment at a place that is clean and easily accessible and he must be open at convenient hours. A florist should also have a professional opinion ready, just in case customers have a hard time deciding what he wants. In addition to having quality flowers, a good florist will also have other complimentary products available, such as nice, decorative vases, floral food, and other gifts such as teddy bears, balloons, cards, etc.

A great florist will have years of experience and many returning happy customers. Its really great to find exceptional florist that you can always come back to whenever the occasion calls for it.

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More or less all florists, whether brick and mortar, or online, are a part of a wire service. A wire service allows a local florist to send and receive orders from across the country and worldwide. The florists receive a commission from the sale. A customer expresses to the florist they would like to “wire flowers”, meaning they need to get flowers to another town, state, or country. Then, the flower shop would then send the order to another member florist and both florists would receive a commission percentage for the order. This has allowed for the growth of the florist industry, expanding the floral business from local only to worldwide.

The florists’ wire services have had to evolve to keep up with the fast-tracked and accelerated use and competition of the internet. To survive, they have had to adapt; a modern-day version of Darwin’s’, “Survival of the Fittest”. Wire services have had to provide florists with more services and programs than ever before. Instead of viewing wire services as a business competing with online floral programs to deliver flowers, they have integrated the online presence with services they currently offer to their member florists. In fact, one of the major benefits of belonging to the larger wire services is that they provide their member florists with an online presence and have made it extremely easy even for the computer illiterate florist. Some of the added bonuses now offered by traditional wire services include the following:

· Florists have an internet presence that gives them 24 hour a day exposure.

· They may offer a service that allows florist to re-sell to previous customers on birthdays or to notify them of featured sales, allowing the florist to stay in touch with the customer.

· Wire services may offer a 24 hour answering service, thereby taking orders for a shop all day and night.

· The online presence they offer gives the florist another source for flower orders from all over the globe.

When receiving and filling incoming wire orders, use it as an opportunity to market your store and to sell yourself. Trust me, the quality of the flowers ordered from New York and sent all the way to a shop in California gets back to the buyer. You want to fill the order to value, plus give a little extra. If you have a sixty dollar order, put sixty-five dollars into it. Being as much of a florists’ inventory is perishable, the incoming wire orders also give us a chance to use up the perishable inventory. The added extra will pay off in word of mouth advertising, which is invaluable. Never think the person who ordered the flowers “will never know”!!

A couple of more reasons to belong to a wire service or two are some of them offer floral design certifications and floral competitions, which will enhance your credibility as a solid member of the floral industry. In addition to that, to be affiliated with a national or worldwide chain adds trustworthiness to your store as well. FTD and Teleflora are household names, thus having your flower shop associated with them can be immensely rewarding.

Wire services are just one method a florist can make money. It would be a good practice not to rely heavily upon them for income. It is just a service florist provide to their customers who want to send flowers long-distance. When receiving orders, the receiving florist has to cover the cost of the flower, labor and delivery, upfront. They also forgo about twenty to thirty percent of the amount of the wire order to the wire service and the florist on the other end. Any wire services used, should not make up more than ten to twenty percent of the total income of the business. Remember, wiring flowers is a service to your customer; a convenience for your customer. But for the added bonuses listed above, it is wise to have at least one or two wire services to boost the profitability of your flower business.